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Nitrid3 Syst3ms at 3 Gun Nation Arizona Winter War Zone Shoot Off Match

This past weekend in Phoenix, AZ, Nitrid3 Syst3ms along with a handful of other incredible sponsors helped fund and support a semi-annual shoot-off event for 3 Gun Nation Arizona Club Series members. The club is hosted and supported by Cactus Combat Match League, one of the oldest, largest and most active outdoor practical shooting organizations in the United States, with more than 350 members. 

3 Gun Nation Arizona Winter War Zone 2017 Shoot Off Ian Jones John Mouret Ryan Wiggins

Winter War Zone is the December version of the Summer Shoot-off, where 3GNAZ members run the head-to-head pro-series-style stage in a bracket format. In the Winter War Zone version, Day 1 was a seeding/qualifying round, during which shooters ran a qualifying stage 3 times, with their best 2 times added together to seed them into the bracket for Day 2. And on Day 2, shooters competed head to head, engaging 4 rifle popper targets at 50 yards, 8 shotgun clay targets at 10 yards, and 9 ten-by-ten pistol plates, before engaging the final pistol popper for ten pistol targets in all. The pistol poppers fall over one another, as in the 3 Gun Nation Pro Series stage, to determine the winner (whose plate fell first?). 

3 Gun Nation Arizona Winter War Zone 2017 Nitrid3 Syst3ms

Nitrid3 Syst3ms donated a .223/5.56/.300 TiN Coated Bolt Carrier groups to be given away to a shooter at the match. Other awesome sponsors included 1776 United, Armalite, Elftmann Tactical, Atibal, and Nexus Ammo.

Junior 3 Gun Competitor Joseph Murray was the lucky drawing winner for the BCG! Congrats, Joseph! And congrats to all of the shooters who participated in the Winter War Zone 2017 Shoot-off!

Nitrid3 Syst3ms 3 Gun Nation Sponsor BCG Giveaway Prize Table Raffle Drawing


First place: John Mouret

Second Place: Brian Green

Third Place: Ian Jones