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Nitrid3 Syst3ms .223/5.56/.300blk v2.0 Match Grade Bolt Carrier Group, TiN & Black Nitride

Nitrid3 Syst3ms .223/5.56/.300blk v2.0 Match Grade Bolt Carrier Group, TiN & Black Nitride

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Our 223/5.56/.300blk Bolt Carrier Group is unlike any other BCG on the market. 

There are no shortcuts in the making of this BCG. We wanted to create a bolt carrier that could offer the best quality and reliability, yet remain decently priced for the consumer. We spend extra time during certain processes like sandblasting, to ensure our BCGs look beautiful. No expense is spared in the making of these BCGs. All processes and metals are chosen because they meet or exceed the industry standard.

Every part is 100% proudly made and assembled in the USA by Americans.  

Guaranteed for life. 

  • All components exceed milspec standards
  • Bolt is made with heat treated 9310
  • Bolt carrier is chrome lined and made with heat treated 8620 steel
  • Gas key, extractor, cam pin, and ejectors are made with heat treated 4140
  • Firing pin is made with 8740 with a hard chrome finish
  • Precision grinding is used for bolts, firing pins, cam pins, and carrier to ensure exact tolerances and perfect function. 
  • Full M-16 profile  
  • Includes upgraded extractor spring kit 
  • 11.5 ounces 
  • Rounded bolt face/lug edges for smoother operation
  • Steel gas rings with Lifetime Warranty

Advantages include:

  • Inherent Lubricity
  • Wear Resistance
  • Smooth Recoil and operation
  • Improved Feeding
  • Faster Cyclic Rate
  • Easy Cleaning

We 100% measure and test all components to exceed industry standards.

All BCGs come pre lubed, hand inspected, and ready to install. 

Keep your BCG lubed. It may have a sciency coating, but it still needs lube! Especially around the cam pin and bolt area (the moving parts).  

For questions and dealer pricing, please e-mail us at nitrid3syst3ms@gmail.com

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